1.4 | Season of Love: Loving Clients

Hey friends!

Happy Friday! We had a few hiccups this week that delayed our recording schedule, so if you don’t mind, please just pretend it’s February for this blog post and while you listen to our 4th episode. K? Thanks in advance.

We finish up our season of love series by talking about client love, how much our clients mean to us, and how important our clients are to not only the survival of our business, but to our own hearts as well.

We also started a new little warmup at the beginning of the episode, and we think we’ll keep it.

If you missed the last two weeks, you can now SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. You should also now be able to listen on Spotify and Google Play, and you can even ask Alexa! Today, you can find our fourth episode on iTunes or HERE: 1.4 | Season of Love: Loving Clients.

We’d love for you to drop us a comment below, on Instagram, or send us an email at pinkdoorposse@gmail.com with any feedback, suggestions or other commentary you may have!

We already have some exciting ideas for March; we can’t wait to share them with you!

We love you and we’re thankful for you!

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