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Join us for our very first podcast! Listen HERE: Episode 1.1 | Unfiltered


This first episode is a short one. We want to be totally honest with y’all, so we’ll start right here. We’re figuring this out as we go. We are two “lady boss” entrepreneurs who are actively creating our best life through building our own businesses. 

We met a few years ago at a vendor event, and now I (Lauren) rent an office in Stephanie’s building, meanwhile working towards a transition out of my corporate day job to do what I love full time, which is to celebrate with people – more on that later. Stephanie quit her corporate day job 7 years ago (is that right? I think so) to buy a bus and drive around to local businesses and sell women’s apparel, shoes, etc. Home girl knocked it out of the park and in her twenties has bought a precious older building on Main Street in our little southern town so that she can take her daughter to work with her. Baby Della was born last fall. We are great at bouncing ideas off of each other, collaborating, being really honest, and have become great friends in the process. 

We decided to start this podcast because we both get the question: “HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL” quite often. 

“I feel really smart that we just did that”.

Stephanie Irby

The truth is…we have all the same challenges, insecurities (maybe more), stumbles, failures, you get the idea…as everyone else. 

Recognizing the power in numbers and the ability to accomplish great things by working together instead of against one another – especially as women – we decided to SHARE our feelings, knowledge, and whatever else comes to mind with all of you. 

Last year, I  adopted the mantra: ‘Jesus, wine, and one thing at a time’. Sometimes I screw up and sometimes I get it right. Hopefully I learn from both enough to continue to move forward… and I try my best to give God the glory for His many gifts. 

So, here we go. We’re starting a podcast. This is season one, episode one. 

If you are reading this and/or listening to us, then welcome to the Pink Door Posse. I’m sure we’ll come up with swag soon. 😉

Love y’all, 


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